About  Me

 At a young age, I worked at hair salons behind the desk. I did makeup in the local fashion industry and also worked for many major makeup lines. A friend noticed I had a head for numbers and I was recruited into the real estate industry. I spent many years in the corporate mortgage arena. After the market crash and tinkering in various corporate positions, I was unfulfilled, fed up with the 8-5 grind and wanted to do something I loved. I had always done makeup and hair as a side gig through the years and realized that was what I needed to be doing. 

I left corporate America at 38 and  have not looked back! Now that I am doing hair professionally, I realized that the thing I enjoy the most is getting to know my clients. Understanding my client's personality and lifestyle helps to create the best look for each individual. I love creating natural dimension and shine and get my inspiration from an individuals personality and vibe.  I want your style to complement you and want you to feel awesome walking out of the salon.  I consider myself lucky to have such a fulfilling, fun and creative job!

When I'm not at work, I like to search out  delicious food and wine or experiment at home.  I love a good book and spending time near the water.